Family Inclusive Maternity Photography: Celebrating the Expanding Circle of Love

September 26, 2023 3 min read

Family Inclusive Maternity Photography: Celebrating the Expanding Circle of Love

Family Inclusive Maternity Photography: Celebrating the Expanding Circle of Love


Melissa Larson Perth Maternity and Family Photography

A family maternity photography session is an intimate celebration of the bond between you and your unborn child, capturing the essence of your love and anticipation as your family grows. It's an extraordinary time for expectant mothers, partners and siblings eagerly awaiting the newest family member's arrival.


As such, including your loved ones in your maternity photos can create an even more profound and meaningful experience, highlighting the family's unity, joy, and support. With Perth's premier maternity, newborn and family photographer, Melissa Larson, expectant mothers and families can create cherished memories that forge lasting bonds and ensure that the love and excitement of this momentous occasion are beautifully captured.


Melissa Larson Perth Maternity and Family Photography

Let's discover practical tips and ideas for seamlessly integrating your partner and children into your maternity photography session. We will explore how Melissa Larson's artistic vision can help you blend each family member's unique personalities and relationships into the composition of your pictures, resulting in a harmonious portrayal of your collective anticipation and happiness, fostering a sense of togetherness, easing any nervousness, and creating lasting memories that speak to the strength and unity of your family unit.


The Benefits of Including Family Members in Your Maternity Photoshoot


Incorporating loved ones and pets into your maternity photography session adds depth and sentimental value to your photos, reflecting the excitement and unity the whole family feels. The benefits are numerous:


  • Strengthening family bonds: Including your partner and children encourages everyone to be involved in the journey, reinforcing the love and support surrounding the growing family.


  • Creating lifelong memories: The maternity photoshoot experience can be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime event that strengthens the family's bond and is cherished for generations to come.


  • Reducing anxiety: Having loved ones participate in the pregnancy photoshoot can put expectant mothers at ease, providing comfort and reassurance to the whole family during the session.


  • Personalising your session: Including family members allows you to showcase the uniqueness of your family, creating authentic, one-of-a-kind images that genuinely reflect the relationships and personalities of your clan.


Preparing Your Partner and Children for the Photoshoot

Ensuring your partner and children feel comfortable and excited about participating in a maternity photoshoot will help create seamless, heartfelt images. Consider the following tips:

  • Discuss the photoshoot beforehand:Talk with your partner and children about the experience, explaining the purpose and the overall process. Encourage them to share their ideas and expectations for how you want the photos to look, fostering excitement and collaboration.
  • Coordinate outfits: Choose clothing that complements your maternity outfit to create a cohesive, visually striking look. Melissa can help you style your photos with her wardrobe-for-hire options for comfortable clothing that reflects each person's personality.
  • Plan for snack breaks and entertainment: Keep younger children engaged and happy during the photoshoot by providing their favourite snacks and planning small breaks to play or relax. Melissa will help accommodate your family's preferences and ensure everyone feels comfortable. She will keep everyone engaged and entertained during the sessions to bring out the best in everyone and create a set of loving family images.

Embracing the Experience with Poses and Scenarios

With your family prepared for the photo shoot, it's time to bring your vision to life by experimenting with various poses and scenarios. Melissa will guide you through the process, ensuring everyone looks their best, but here are some things to consider for your Family Inclusive Maternity Photography Session.

  • Start with simple poses: Begin with classic poses that showcase the beauty of your pregnancy, such as tender, loving hugs between you and your partner or children placing their hands on your belly.
  • Get creative with your children: Incorporate them in fun, unique ways, like having them place their head or hands on your belly or join you and your partner in a playful, candid moment.
  • Focus on interactions and connections: Highlight the bonds between family members with poses that showcase the love and support surrounding you during your pregnancy, such as sharing laughter or casting loving gazes towards your baby bump.
  • Revisit favourite family activities: Capture the essence of your family by incorporating meaningful activities, hobbies or locations that hold sentimental value. This will evoke a sense of familiarity, adding depth to your maternity portraits. 

Including family members in your maternity photoshoot allows you to create a uniquely personal and emotional photography experience that reflects your growing family's genuine excitement, joy, and unity. By following our comprehensive guide on incorporating loved ones into your pregnancy photoshoot session, you ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience and create lasting memories of this wondrous life event.