It is ideal to have your newborn photographed when he/she is the sleepiest …. About 5-10 days old. My studio sessions are 2-3 hours and are held in my home studio located south of the river in Leeming. I will spend this time perfectly posing your little one, with plenty of time taken for settling and feeding.
Booking a session of this length time ensures you get all the sleepy photos and longer for me to spend to style and pose your newborn.
Prior to your session, I will conduct an interview with you over the phone. This allows me to become familiar with you and what you are looking for during your session. This also allows you the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. And please, ask away! I am happy to chat and answer any questions you may have. I have a large collection of hats, headbands and outfits to use during your session, everything is provided by me.
Newborn galleries are a minimum of 20-25 images presented online for you to view.There is a non-refundable session retainer required at the time of booking. This saves a place in my diary for your little one’s arrival. Although your newborn’s arrival is always a surprise, I am able to use your due date to set a tentative booking. Once baby arrives I book in the earliest availability on my calendar! Galleries are completed within 14 days from your newborn session.